Lazarus Reanimated

By P. A. Wilson

Copyright 2020

The tomb was dank where I was laid

The tomb was dark, I was afraid—

Yet I knew something was coming.

The heat was stifling, creeping creatures

Began to nest inside my reeking features.

Yet I knew something was coming.

When the hands of one who was clean,

Raised from the dead a corpse unclean

The people knew something was coming.

Now they will not look me in the eye—

The living corpse. Now they hide

And wish I had never come,

That He had never come.

Gossip lights on lying lips:

I never died, I always lived—

Or I am some demon that has come

Or He was one that has come.

My loved ones no longer will touch me

Won’t touch these limbs that death did see

Won’t believe that I am clean

And He that came has left me.