Short Stories:

Immortal Eyes (2020)


Lazarus Reanimated (2020)

Lorelei (2020)

Laocöon the Forsaken (2020)

Soliloquy (2020)

Larger Works

Chronicles of the Ageless: The Enslaved

This YA Fantasy novel follows the journey of five “heroes” who must decide whether or not to obey their master, a sentient force whose life energy is inextricably connected with their own. If they follow its prophecies, they risk losing their identities and becoming its pawns forever, but resistance means risking its wrath—and fighting a battle no one has won before. Their story is narrated by a spy forced to recount the heroes’ journey, whose power to read minds offers omniscience but not answers, whose obsession with mortal snack foods and self-destruct buttons could have terrible consequences, and whose passive aggressiveness knows no bounds…