My Photography Portfolio from Fall 2020

Until last semester, I hated cameras. I called myself photo-phobic, or at best photo-resistant. I took a selfie once because I had to for a class and it was the worst thing. Basically, I despise pictures on myself, which is probably why I have had the same pic on my social media for basically forever.

As for taking pictures of other people or things, I pretty much only did that if I was asked to or if I needed a reference for a drawing.

Then my mom helped me pick my schedule for last fall by suggesting Digital Photography as an elective. She also suggested Latin, which made all the other classes I had ever taken look easy by comparison, but let’s not go into that.

Anyway, I took this photography course and really enjoyed it. For this post, I will be sharing my best photos from last semester. If you’re wondering what took me so long to post them, it’s because I was waiting to ask permission to post my favorite pic of the lot.

It’s a picture of a close friend of mine. I liked the contrast of dark and light in this picture, the brightness of the window compared to the shadowy curve of the curtain. She also picked the perfect outfit with the stripes and hat. She was the perfect model the whole time even though I took over fifty pictures of her.

There was a whole project based on taking pictures in and around the college chapel. I liked this one because the solid-colored light blue sky emphasizes the height of the chapel and the purity and lofty ideals that went into forming the chapel.

My professor also taught us to use Photoshop to touch things up a little, so I used the settings in Photoshop to darken this photo, putting the focus on the light reflecting off the cross. This is the sort of picture that would be great paired with a quote in the darkest area, but I have yet to decide on one.

The final project was chronicling the seasons of Summer, Fall, and Winter using pictures. I’ll share my favorites from each season.


I liked the green of the newly growing grass near the end of the summer on campus. The area had been ripped up for maintenance to some pipes, and then a layer of fertilizer had been slapped on top. Before long, these beautiful blades of grass started pushing through. I must’ve looked weird lying on the ground taking pictures of dirt and grass, but I don’t mind.

The first pictures I took of the roses on campus were too crowded with so many blooming flowers. As a result, I decided to take a picture of a single rose against the summer sky. Much better.


I took this pic by setting my camera in a pile of acorns I found along a trail. I loved how it focused on one acorn that follows the rule of thirds, a rule that basically states not to completely center the focus of your picture and instead put the focus where lines interest in a grid of 9 x 9 squares.

I loved the way this photo turned out looking like something from Monet, like some sort of impressionist painting. The only editing I did to this one was to crop it. I generally took a minimalist approach to Photoshop.


Overall, I don’t like my winter photos as much. But I liked the contrast of white on red with this first snow of Winter 2020.

The picture of this tree reaching for the winter sky was another one of my favorites for that reason.

Final Thoughts

I am definitely an amateur photographer, but taking a class enhanced my previously nonexistent skill. I would definitely recommend a photography class for anyone who wants to improve their picture-taking capabilities, or even just take their selfie skills to the next level.

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