An Amazing Ashley Acrostic…with Additional Anecdotes!

an interview with Joanne Brown

What’s an acrostic? An acrostic is a type of writing where certain letters – typically the first letter (though it can be certain specified letters of a line) of each line, word, or paragraph—spell out a word. In this case I am using Ashley’s first and last name to introduce some fun things about her! Enjoy!

Who is Ashley?

That’s always a complicated question people ask!”

Ashley’s response to that question!

I recently had the pleasure to spend a late morning with Ashley Ostrowski, one of the guest bloggers on this site. She is

  • A pretty interesting young woman.
  • S-orority Girl … Sigma Delta 5 – a.k.a. the D5s!
  • H-ates it when people burn popcorn at school and the fire alarm goes off at like 9:00, midnight, or 2:00am and everyone has to leave the building. It’s truly a pet peeve!
  • L-oves the Summer because of the beach…But she’s torn between that and Autumn for her favorite Season
  • E-nglish Major…A senior at Grove City College (GCC)…She graduates this coming May!
  • Y-oga is a something she picked up since Covid started.

If you look like a person who has the answers, you will get bombarded [with questions].”

Ashley when asked to say one thing she learned when she worked at Walmart!

  • O-hhh, she’s pretty chill.
  • S-eafood, crablegs, pasta = her favorite foods.
  • T-he number nine. It’s complicated, but it’s her favorite number! 9
  • R-eserved… but she can be more outgoing … but then she’s shy at times too…
  • O-rganized … yeah, she could be more organized.
  • W-orked at Goodwill too…which leads one to ask her opinion on hoarding… She has no problem on that front: This past New Year she and her mom decided to go through stuff to get rid of the crap they didn’t need or use. If she said to herself about something she had been keeping, “I never am going to get back to that,” then she just tossed it. YAY ASHLEY!
  • S-quare = her favorite shape
  • K – that’s a letter in sKy blue … and also in light pinK … both colors she really likes …
  • I-mportant to her? FRIENDSHIPS!

I feel like we live in a time where we talk about things that are shallow. I …want to be able to … grow relationships with people … build energy for my friends.”


Random Raves:

  • Ashley has a website she created for a professor at school. Yeah, it was an assignment, but she created a site where she talks about books, movies, and tv shows. She looks at culture and moral values. She calls herself The Perusing Muse. (Remember the avatar above?!!) It is so apropos because, going back to the Greeks, muses were used as inspiration … and to peruse something is to look at it in depth … And that all works for her site.
  • Probably her most favorite class in her GCC career was the Modern Poetry class she took. She liked analyzing. She liked the class discussions. She liked the diversity. And, she found a love for free verse poetry.
  • Including school must reads, Ashley reads somewhere between 30 – 50 books a year. She loves to read about different things.
  • As I said before, Ashley graduates this coming May. She describes herself in a weird transition period right now … She is excited for the future, but nervous. There are so many things to think about: where to live, jobs … what job she really wants – because it’s setting up for a lifestyle. Should she work remotely from home, or what? This search is also about finding out where she belongs. She has always imagined a family and kids. But having a job she is serious about would make her happy. She would like to work in Technical Writing or Marketing and Blog for a Company. . . . Interestingly, after the interview and the great conversation we shared, she voiced an interest in maybe exploring this whole interviewing people and sharing who they are thing. Isn’t it great that there are so many options – and an entire lifetime still to test things out!
  • Defining moments of the whole Covid situation
    • It was her sophomore year of college and she remembers that she was studying Shakespeare when she heard that the campus would be closing and she would have to go home.
    • Leaving the dorms was tough. Everyone was leaving. Completely. They had to get everything out. Seeing those dorms bare, it didn’t feel right. It was a sad, weird moment. This was before the nation was big on masks.
    • The big question was, ‘What’s going to happen?’ She didn’t know how to feel.
    • Looking back at it now, she realizes that she didn’t waste the lessons to be learned. She took the time to hammer down on her classes. And, as we discovered in the acrostic, she picked up Yoga. She began going for runs regularly. She found the good out of the bad situation.
  • Most exciting gift she got this past Christmas?
    • she got a number of 45s. One was a Spiderman intro/comic book read aloud … an original form of “audio books!” She feels like she is in a retro scene right now!
    • She loves listening to everything, Pop, Jazz, Alternative, a little bit of Classical.

I like the idea of buying something I really like … (maybe) Beetle’s Records!”

What she thinks she might like to do in the very near future!

T hank you, Ashley!

H earing your words

A nd sharing in your thoughts has been totally fun!

N ow we

K now a little about you and we think you are one

S uper, special person!