Hello! My name is P. A. Wilson, and I am a writer, genealogist, board gamer, amateur artist, black belt, Catholic, and proud English major.

My website is where I blog about writing topics, post board game reviews, share my artwork, and post my genealogy for family members and relatives to see.

Under the tab “Writing” I share my written work and info about my works-in-progress.

Under “Artwork” I share pictures of my art. Since I created most of my artwork as cards for other people and gave it away, my gallery is somewhat limited at this time.

Under “Genealogy,” enter the password if you are a family member or relative to explore our family tree. You may request the right to view the family tree through the contact page. I reserve the right to deny permission to view it, which may happen if I do not know you or you are not a family member or relative.

If any of this interests you, welcome! Thank you for your interest. Feel free to check out the “Contact Me” page to get in touch!