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Episode 3: Violet Evergarden Season 1 Chronicles of the Muse

Violet Evergarden Season 1 is an anime that was released in 2018. It can currently be streamed on Netflix. Violet is a 14-year-old orphan who was trained to be a weapon of the military in the fictional country of Leiden. Even though Leiden exists in a fictional universe, the anime feels like it takes place in 19th century Europe. After a pivotal battle in which Violet loses her arms, she wakes up in the hospital and immediately wants to return to her post. The war, however, has been declared over. Having lived her whole life as a soldier as long as she can remember, she does not know how to live a civilian life and act without taking orders. She chooses to work as an “auto memory doll,” which is basically a nickname for the ghostwriters who write other people’s letters for them. Her reasoning behind this is that it will help her to learn the meaning of the words “I love you,” which are the last words spoken to her by her Major, Gilbert.  Links: Ashley's website: Paige's website: Veteran video: English lyrics to Sincerely: English lyrics to Michishirube:  
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